Testimonial and Review Policy | Carolina Designs

If approved by Carolina Designs, leaseholders may leave a public review of a property following their stay.

Testimonial and Review PolicyTestimonial and Review Policy

By submitting content for the public areas of Carolina Designs’ website, the you agree to the following guidelines and all other Carolina Designs policies:

  • Post about what you liked during your experience as well as what could be done better.
  • One testimonial/review may be submitted with each lease number.
  • Content must be submitted within seven (7) days of survey receipt.
  • Focus on your personal experience.
  • Content must be 250 characters or less.
  • Content will not be posted if Carolina Designs is in the process of addressing an issue or complaint.
  • Testimonials and Reviews will be removed after two years to ensure continuing accuracy.
  • Carolina Designs reserves the right to use comments for marketing purposes.
Carolina Designs reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any content that does not meet the standards of our guidelines. Including, but not limited to:

  • Personal attacks or profanity – keep it family friendly.
  • All caps – It comes across as yelling.
  • Specific financials – rates, reimbursement and compensation are prohibited.
  • Content intended to be used for nefarious purposes.
  • Ads, links, or phone numbers.
  • False or misleading – content must match our records for reservations, housekeeping and maintenance activity.