Outer Banks Weather

When you’re planning a trip to the Outer Banks it’s helpful to look ahead and understand what the weather will be like and what’s available to do during that time.  Due to it’s position on the ocean the temperature is fairly stable throughout the year providing for warm but not overbearing summers and cool but not frigid winter.

Let’s start by looking at the average monthly temperatures.  After that we’ll look at what’s popular on the Outer Banks each season and share with you why the Outer Banks is a popular destination in both the summer and winter.

Average Monthly Temperatures On The Outer Banks

At average monthly temperatures on the Outer Banks are:

  • January – 51°
  • February – 54°
  • March – 59°
  • April – 69°
  • May – 76°
  • June – 83°
  • July – 86°
  • August – 85°
  • September -82°
  • October – 70°
  • November – 63°
  • December – 55°

What The Weather Means For Your Vacation

What this tells us is that each season on the Outer Banks and the weather lends itself to different vacations at different times of year. So let’s look at what each season brings …

Spring – Fishing tends to be the biggest drawn in the spring.  The weather is warming as the water rises and with it comes arguably the best fishing on the east coast.  Spring is also the beginning of the festivals with an always-entertaining kite festival in Nags Head (where else but where the Wright Brothers first took to the skies?) and the first food festival of the year.

Summer – Summer is without a doubt the busiest time of year on the Outer Banks with beautiful weather and more beach than you can imagine meaning they never feel crowded. Should you want to get off the beaches there are a number of festivals and events throughout the summer from music to food festivals.

Fall – With kids back to school the Outer Banks quiets down a bit but the weather remains warm well through the season.  Fishing is extremely popular in the fall and one of the biggest draws is surfing and kiteboarding with winds picking up slightly over the summer. And who could forget the world-famous Outer Banks Seafood Festival in October

Winter – With the weather getting colder through the winter, it’s a time for quiet relaxation and strolls along the beach.  Many of the shops close for the winter making way for visitors to simply enjoy the scenery, the quiet and those they are with.