Severe Weather FAQ

Outer Banks Severe Weather FAQ

  • When does travel insurance kick in, what does it cover, and can we add it now?

For all travel insurance related questions, please visit or contact Red Sky Insurance directly.  Contact info can be found at

  • How will we know if evacuations have been ordered for the Outer Banks?

You can sign up for alerts with Dare County at the county’s website here. We will be updating our blog and communicating with guests via email and text if an evacuation is ordered.

  • If we are already on vacation to the Outer Banks and an evacuation is ordered, what does that mean for us? 

If you have insurance: contact Red Sky Insurance for additional information. If you don’t have insurance, no refund is due from Carolina Designs or the owner.

  • If an evacuation is ordered, will there be ample time to leave the Outer Banks? 

Yes – you should be given ample time to evacuate, subject to decisions made by county authorities.

  • What happens if the house I am renting is damaged in a storm? 

We will conduct post-storm inspections of properties, assessing for damage. If the house is deemed legally uninhabitable then a refund will be due regardless of insurance acceptance.  Alternate homes will be offered if desired and available.